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Founded by a holistic health practitioner, nutritionist and herbalist, Earth + Moon was created to offer people the natural healing power of plants unadulterated. Our philosophy is rooted in an appreciation of mother nature's healing gifts. Through the use of herbs, flowers, oils, hydrosols, crystals, hand crafted art and creations, we can bring nature into harmony with our every day lives. Earth symbolizes nature, it brings forth the manifestation of the physical plant that grows from its roots embedded in the ground. Moon symbolizes our connection to nature, it brings forth the consciousness, the intention, energy and awareness. Together, these components work in harmony to bring us true wellness. 


 Earth + Moon Organics is 


cruelty free



all natural

sustainably sourced

sustainably packaged

hand crafted

made in small batches

gluten free

crystal infused

free of all preservatives, artificial colours, artificial scents and flavours

made from 100% plants

1% of profits registered go to local animal shelters and wildlife foundations and initiatives.

We care about people, animals, and the earth and we want to make a difference. By consciously choosing to support ethically minded companies like us, you help make that possible.

Made on Vancouver Island, Canada

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