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A treasure of South America, palo santo is a sacred tree whose wood has been burned ceremoniously by Aboriginals, Amazonians and Incas for its believed medicinal and spiritual properties. 


Use the palo santo for it's aromatherapy benefits, pleasant scent, energy cleansing and spiritual purification in your home and auric field.


Unfortunately the magical palo santo wood has become overharvested due to its growing popularity. Our palo santo is obtained ethically by wildcrafting families from naturally fallen trees and branches that have layed dead years before they have been harvested. This practice is said to increase the magical energy of the palo santo because it allows for respect and appreciation of the tree. In addition, the source of our palo santo is making efforts to plant palo santo to replace the fallen trees to increase it's chances of survival so that it will no longer be an endangered species.


Instructions: Light an individual stick and wait a few moments. Blow out the flame after about 15 seconds, this will cause the wood to smoke. The smoke will release the aromatic scent of the palo santo wood. You can fan the smoke into the areas which you are intending to purifying or leave on a plate to allow its aroma to fill your space gradually. When finished, smother the flame completely and store for future use.


Scent: fresh and uplifting


Note: priced per individual 3 1/2" stick

Palo Santo Smudge Stick

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