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Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Rose Water from Bulgaria, Pink Himalayan Salt


Use as a facial spray, facial toner, room spray, hair and body mist


Moisturizing- the oils from the rose petals help nourish and moisturize the skin.

Protecting- the natural antioxidants and Vitamin C from the rose petals help protect the skin from damage and help repair your skin giving it a vibrant glow.

Balancing- restores balance to your skins natural pH and helps tone pores.

Cleansing- the natural antibacterial properties of the rose make it a great option for anyone with acne.

Soothing- calms redness, irritations and inflammation. Ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Mineral rich



All living things contain a life force that can be measured in Hertz. Everything that you bring into your life can raise or lower your vibration. Your vibration will attract other things to come into your life vibrating at the same level as you. Rose, being the highest vibrating flower, has been used in aromatherapy to uplift mood and help refresh you when you're down and raise your vibration. Rose, connected to the heart chakra can help you open your heart, live from a place of love and heal your heart from any past pains. It's gentle and sweet aroma has also been use as an aphrodisiac making it a sensual natural perfume.


Our favourite way to use it: spray rose garden on your hair to create beautiful soft beach waves with the scent of a bouquet of a dozen fresh roses or mist on your pillows before bed for beautiful dreams.


60 mL




Rose Garden